Sewing Education Workshop Youth Project

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Building Children One Stitcth at a Time

Sewing actually reinforces things the students are learning in school, like reading, math and art—subjects they are already familiar with. You can see when the light bulb goes off and they make the connection. But most importantly, I think the kids just enjoy the feeling of making something from nothing.
                               - Omowunmi Oni-Dandridge, OND S.E.W Youth Project Founder

This workshop enables a child to learn and evolve through…

  • Discovering the art of sewing can help a child learn a life skill. 
  • Enhancing creativity, building self-esteem, encouraging optimism, and reduce stress. 
  • Children developing patience and perseverance.

The OND S.E.W Youth Project entails

  • Learning The Basics of Hand Stitching
  • Learning How to Use a Sewing Machine
  • S.T.E.A.M Exposure: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.
  • Sustainability Projects to Innovative Creations
  • A Mobile Workshop - ‘My location is your location’.


What types of basic sewing education workshops do I offer?

The sewing education workshops provides the basics of learning how to hand stitch to understanding how to use a sewing machine. Services offered/requested can include both learning the basics of hand stitching and the sewing machine to an organization or each type of workshop separately. Additionally, I have provided a one-day workshop that will concentrate on only hand either stitching or learning how to sew using a sewing machine. I have been able to provide up to 8 weeks (one to two days a week) of sewing which provides a thorough learning experience for the group.

What age groups are the workshops for?

I have workshops for ages 9 years old and up.

How many students will be able to participate in a workshop?

For hand stitching workshops, I can provided services for a group up to fifteen participants. For learning how to sew using a sewing machine, I can provide services and equipment for eight participants.

Do you have a location?

My location is your location, the services are provided as a mobile workshop.

How far in advance can a workshop be booked for a group?

Please contact via email to inquire, in order to know availability of workshop services.

What is needed to hold a workshop at my location?

Please ensure you have enough tables, chairs, elbow space and great lighting for the participants to enjoy the workshop. I bring everything needed based on the type of workshop requested.

How can I donate to this great cause whether funds or sewing related items?

It is an honor to receive a donation for this workshop whether tangible or intangible. To donate funds to this workshop please see the donate link below. To donate items please send an email and provide the items you would like to donate.

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